China Fangda Group Co. Ltd. (hereinafter call "the Group"), with 296.4 million RMB of registered capital and 1.5 billion RMB of total assets, is the first listed company with A, B shares in the Stock Exchange in the industry in China. The Group is one of the largest-scale high-tech enterprises engaged in the development, manufacture and sales of new materials and products in China, with major economic indexes topping the industry for several years and awarded "the Number One in the Industry in China" by the State Statistics Bureau. The Group has been classified as one of the best management companies in Asia and Pacific Region by Asia Financial and granted the 14th World Quality Award – Platinum Star Award.

The Group produces more than 100 varieties of products mainly covered two industries: new-type building material industry (including all kinds of constructional curtain walls, unitized curtain walls, aluminum composite panels, solid aluminum panels, energy-saving and environment-friendly doors and windows, fireproof doors and anti-burglary doors, fireproof rolling shutters, metro platform screen doors, aluminum extrusions, color pre-coated steel profiles, specific structures, and fine chemical engineering products etc.) and semiconductor and information industry, LED lamps, etc. Among them over 40 national patents have been granted in such high-tech products as aluminum composite panel, aluminum honeycomb panel, fluorocarbon coated material, thermal isolated aluminum profile, color pre-coated steel curtain wall, spider web glass curtain wall, unitized curtain wall and metro platform screen door. Several have obtained Technical Progress Awards and Major Promotion Projects of Technical Achievements. The Group is equipped with international advanced facilities such as more than ten sets of advanced numerical controlled assembly lines and processing centers.

The Group has been developing and manufacturing the 3rd generation semiconductor materials represented by GaN and such high-tech products as blue LED, white LED, blue laser LD and full color screen and etc. The GaN base semiconductor materials and devices have been listed in the State Super863 Plan and fill the blank of this field in China.

The Group has constructed such organizations as Technical Center, Decoration Engineering Design Institute, Network and Information Center, Central Laboratory and Post-doctor Workstation etc. The Group was the first obtaining the ISO9001 national and international Certificates in the industry in China, has successfully undertaken the demonstration project of CIMS application of the State 863 Plan exclusively in the industry, and has realized the office automation. The Group’s technical staff counts for 41% of its total employees, including a lot of senior engineers and researchers, overseas talents, doctors and masters.

The Group constantly insists on the business concept of "technology as base and innovation as source" and wholeheartedly serves the customers with the commitment of "as first class enterprise, to produce top quality products and provide superior services".113213